Choosing your fabric

Below is a list of our fabric suppliers that we use on a frequent basis. Please click on the logos to access their individual websites.


When choosing fabrics you will need to consider - Budget, colour, pattern repeat, durability and fabric type, suitable for the job it has to do.


As upholsterers we have a legal requirement to make sure all items we upholster are safe for domestic use. When selecting your fabric, not only do you need to consider the ‘type’ of fabric suitable for the style or shape of the chair, if you are planning on selling your item, or wish to have it in your own home, you need to consider Fire Safety requirements too.


Most Fabrics can be treated. This needs to be specified at the point of ordering and can take 3 weeks to be returned from the manufacturer.

To save time, we select either an already ‘FR Treated’ fabric (indicated on the product description or fabric label, or we order a fabric that is made up of over 75% natural materials, and use an Inter-liner.


FIRA Fire Safety Guide for Upholsterers 

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